Corporate Social Responsibility

For the Ensa/Enwesa Group of companies, social responsibility stems from a deep ethical conviction. It is a precept enshrined in its corporate mission and values, so much so that this culture permeates throughout the organisation and is reflected in the company’s annual plans.

For the two companies that make up the group, sustainability is an inalienable principle. It is fundamental to maintain the trust and credibility of our shareholders, our customers, our suppliers, subcontractors and collaborators, and the rest of the institutions with which we interact.

We believe that “how we do things” is as important as “what we do”. Operational Excellence is our goal and what we work towards for the benefit of our customers and environment. In this sense, the Ensa/Enwesa Group of companies seeks to reinforce a management model that reconciles economic, social and environmental development, favouring quality employment, equal opportunities and guaranteeing respect for the environment and the rational use of natural resources.

With the conviction that commitment to the environment is the right way forward, the Ensa/Enwesa Group of Companies carries out its daily work incorporating safety, health and environmental criteria throughout the entire cycle of its activities. The “Code of Business Conduct of the Ensa/Enwesa Group of companies”, dated 30 April 2013, sets out our commitments and principles of business conduct translated into a set of rules of conduct.

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