ActivityRobotics and automation

This product line provides the company with technological support for the optimisation and innovation of processes, R&D&I projects and the development of new techniques. Tailor-made solutions and turnkey projects including:

Basic Engineering.

  • Project feasibility study.
  • Presentation of the proposed solution.
  • Pre-design and 3D animated simulation.
  • Definition of the final solution.

Detailed Engineering.

  • Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic design.
  • Software development, human-machine interface.
  • Manufacture and supply of equipment and components.
  • FAT testing and validation.
  • On-site (plant) assembly.
  • Systems integration.
  • Commissioning.
  • Certification, delivery of documentation.
  • Training and after-sales service.


ENWESA is high-added value integration company. We offer turnkey solutions, working on these products:

Types of robots:

  • Cartesian, Anthropomorphic, Scara.
  • Handling, Welding, Machining, Palletising, Pick and Place,
  • Packaging, Marking, Painting, Testing, Trials, Testing, Measuring.
Special applications:
  • Neutron source testing, Insertion, extraction.
  • MFRS and RTN.
  • Fuel rod inspection.
  • Teleoperated robots.
Artificial vision:
  • Barcodes, Colour Range, Patterns, Bin-Picking, etc.


Programmable controllers:

  • PLC’s.
  • Communications and I/O modules.
  • Speed controllers.
  • Position.
  • Speed controls.

Local or remote SCADA systems.

PLC migrations.

Communication networks.

Parts feeders.

Conveyor belts.

Electro-erosion and electro-disintegration.

Instrumentation: flow, pressure, temperature, level.